Customer Preparation

How to Prepare . . .

  1. Our crews often start as early as 7 am, so be prepared. Make sure your driveway is clear so we have access to the roof line to allow debris to be placed into the dump trailer. Note: You do not need to be home while we replace your roof
  2. Remove or cover items from around the exterior of your home. This includes furniture, plants, equipment, etc. We take every precaution to protect your property but appreciate your assistance in clearing the area.
  3. Please have the vehicles you need for use the day of your project removed from your garage prior to our crew arrives.
  4. There will be trucks loading and unloading shingles and debris, so KEEP SMALL CHILDREN AND PETS AWAY FROM THE WORKING AREA.
  5. After tear-off of existing shingles, if any bad or rotted wood decking is present, we will immediately contact the homeowner if a change order from the original estimate is needed. Additional material and labor costs may be incurred.
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